Over the past few months we have been reflecting on our journey to date and where we could make a real impact going forward. As part of this we are in the process of refreshing our brand as well as planning some exciting new initiatives.

In progress

Ecosystem map

We are working to reach across the Waikato to map and connect the ecosystem of enablers working to bridge the digital divide and support digital enablement.


We are working with our partners, supporters and the wider ecosystem of enablers to share stories of the experience of every day New Zealanders 


We are working with a range of stakeholders to coordinate a pilot to enable equitable opportunities for employment in the technology industry

Existing programmes

Skinny Jump is flexible prepaid broadband: Only $5 for 30GB of data, no contracts or credit checks, and the modem comes free of charge. Just top up as you go.

We work with a network of local partners who support people to sign up for Skinny Jump and also provide a modem. 

Stepping UP offers free community programmes that support New Zealanders to build their computer, smartphone and digital skills in small easy steps.

Our work supports local providers in the Waikato. 

In the past

Ngāruawāhia Wireless Network

If you live in Ngāruawāhia you can access a wireless network to provide high speed internet into your home for much less than the cost of traditional internet services.

Wifi Hubs

WAWT has supported the establishment of wifi hubs where people can drop in with their own wifi enabled device (laptop, smart phone) to make use of a free wifi service.

Computer Hubs

WAWT has supported various community groups in the Waikato region to set up a computer hub for their clients to use.