Why we do what we do

To maximise community prosperity through equitable access, self-determination and trust of digital technology.

How we work

1,000 cups of tea

  • We strive to be digital inclusion and enablement experts regionally and nationally.

  • We believe in the power of having conversations, sharing knowledge and connecting people together.

  • We use common language that links central/local government, institutions and private/social organisations

Less is more

  • We are most effective when concentrating our efforts into a small number of initiatives.
  • In the first instance, we will always seek out and support existing initiatives and promote collaboration.

It's all about outcomes

  • Even though very important, we believe digital inclusion and enablement is only part of the community prosperity puzzle.
  • Our success hinges on the positive measurable & sustainable impact we can make on community wellbeing.


Our work is aligned with the Digital Waikato 2025 strategy developed by Te Waka: Waikato's Economic Development Agency in collaboration with key stakeholders and launched in 2019. 

Amongst the five portfolios of work in the strategy is 

Close the Digital Divide

  • Facilitate and support accelerated deployment of fit-for-purpose infrastructure to main centres and regions
  • Facilitate and support the development of fit-for-purpose public access facilities, programmes and resources
  • Promote, facilitate and support initiatives investing in user empowerment, not just infrastructure

Build digital skills and capacity

  • Acknowledge, understand and define the digital skills gap and champion addressing it
  • Promote, facilitate and support initiatives supporting schools in delivering the digital curriculum
  • Support the establishment of fit-for-purpose pathways and career support programmes, resources and tools